Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery

surgery and endoscopy.

This type of
surgery and/or endoscopy allows obese persons who are unable to lose
weight the conventional way to have an option that addresses this
matter in an anatomical and physiological manner.

These options are
applicable to persons:

  • With a body mass index (BMI) of > 40.
  • BMI > 35 with co morbid conditions.
  • There is an extensive process that ensures that our patients are candidates for any of the abovementioned weight loss options.


    • Assessment
      by a dietician.
    • Assessment
      by a psychologist/psychiatrist.
    • Assessment
      by an endocrinologist.

Finally, the multidisciplinary team decides if the patient is an appropriate candidate for surgery.

Surgical options

  • Sleeve
  • Roux en Y
    gastric bypass.
  • Bilio-pancreatic
    diversion with or without duodenal switch.

options include:

  • Weight loss
  • Sleeve

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